The System


What is "The System?


At Mighty Mick's, we use a workout program known as "The System." The System is a new workout concept that can be used to improve fitness in anyone from the couch potato to the experienced athlete. While everyone does basically the same workout, some do more or fewer repetitions, lighter or heavier weights, or modify workouts to fit their current state of fitness. Every workout can be tailored to each individual's needs, and yet each person is still a part of the group workout.  The System uses functional movements rather than bodybuilding type lifting to improve fitness. 

There are 4 main reasons we have chosen to use The System at Mighty Mick's.  

They are:

1. Injury prevention. Because we use light weights and body weight, and have a completely non-competitive environment, participants in our workouts do not strain under heavy weights or push themselves too far trying to compete with someone else.  While we do try to move our limits farther in every workout, we do not push competitiveness with others. We help and encourage each other, but injury prevention through proper form of each exercise is the key. 

2. Cardiovascular improvement. Because each workout is a high heart rate workout, cardiovascular improvement occurs naturally. High intensity interval training pumps the heart rate up to about 80% of maximum in each exercise, and then after a short recovery, down to about 60% of maximum heart rate, we push back up to the 80% range again. This increases the heart's efficiency by increasing stroke volume and cardiac output. 

3. Improvement in muscular strength and endurance. We use muscles in every workout. Because everyone chooses a weight that is appropriate for them every exercise, each person chooses just how tough each workout is. If someone wants to build mass, the weights get heavier; if someone wants to strengthen and tone, the weights are lighter and the number of repetitions increases. 

4. Fat burning. For some people, this is the main reason they work out. No one really wants to carry around excess fat because it's just not healthy. High intensity interval training is currently the most popular way to burn fat, and our workouts offer that. Also, because we incorporate resistance exercise into every workout, most people will see an improvement in their ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.