All of our workouts ROCK!

Notice it's still dark!


Nothing beats getting your workout done first thing in the morning!

Abs are in every workout


Nothing like having a flat stomach, so we include at least two ab exercises in each workout.

Heavy squats on the rack


While a lot of us don't do heavy weights, some people still like them. You are always welcome to put up a squat rack and go big if you want to.

We always have room!


While some workout times are busier than others, we're never too crowded for everyone to get a good workout in.

Box any time!


While Tuesdays and Thursdays are our scheduled boxing days, you are welcome to "throw down" on the heavy bag any time you like!

Obstacle course Saturdays


It seems as if everyone loves the O Course! We like to throw them in on Saturdays once in a while, so come and see if you are feeling lucky.