We Now Offer Boxing/Cardio Workouts

Boxing Instruction


Boxing is always more fun and and a better workout if it's done properly. We have a real instructor that can teach you how to punch the bag, and how to use proper combinations.



Tuesdays and Thursdays are our primary boxing days. Those days are intended to be heavy cardio days with boxing stye workouts with running, jumping rope, hitting the bag, and lots of abs. 

I Love It!


"I love the new boxing workouts at Mighty Mick's. It's a change from the original workouts we do, and I love the effect the high intensity workouts have on my body!"

No Extra Charge


Boxing workouts do not cost any extra, and are included in your  monthly membership. We offer instruction periodically, and it is free as well. 



We always have gloves at the gym if you don't have a pair, and you're welcome to borrow them. Be the first one to grab a pair, or they may be soggy!